Web-CAT Plug-in Admin


  1. Invoke Eclipse as root:

    [lethe] eclipse-3.6% sudo ./eclipse

  2. Install the latest version of Web-CAT Eclipse Plug-in:

    Help ->
    Install New Software ->
    Work with: http://web-cat.cs.vt.edu/eclipse/
    Set 'Add Repository' Name: == Web-CAT
    Select *only* the 'Web-CAT Eclipse Java Feature', not the 'Web-CAT Eclipse C++ Feature',
    or Eclipse complains on startup that it can't find the libbfd, libintl, and libiberty libraries.
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  1. The binutils and binutils-devel packages provide the libbfd and libiberty libraries. Run ldconfig after installing/upgrading them.
  2. Dunno what provides the libintl library. Maybe gettext-devel.