Introduction is a SWI Prolog web service that Bharat runs on cheshire for his CSE 715 seminar.


% ssh cheshire

[cheshire] ~% cd /web/vcgen/
[cheshire] vcgen% swipl
Welcome to SWI-Prolog (threaded, 64 bits, version 8.2.1)
SWI-Prolog comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software.
Please run ?- license. for legal details.

For online help and background, visit
For built-in help, use ?- help(Topic). or ?- apropos(Word).

?- [vcgen].

?- start_server.
% Started server at http://localhost:8080/

% halt
[cheshire] vcgen%

Web Client

1. This service only works when accessed from a UB IP address.
   If you're not at a workstation with a UB IP address, you must
   run a VPN client.
2. Run analysis at the site:


Only CSE system administrators need to run this command.

Compute Systems Invocation Version(s)
cheshire cheshire % sudo -u apache /util/bin/swipl /web/vcgen/ (default)


  1. Bharat Jayaraman, instructor.