Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)


CSE supports a variety of UPSs which provid power backup and sanitation for a number operational, research and academic services.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSes) keep electrical hardware running for some period of time when house power fails.


New Batteries

See the attached pictures for batery wiring configs


Location Rack Model # Serial # Battery
Bell 247 CAB-BELL-247-02 DL 3000 RM QSO240211229 APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #12
Bell 247 CAB-BELL-247-02 DL 3000 RM QSO247110415 APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #12
Bell 247 CAB-BELL-247-04 DL 3000 RM QSO239110556 APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #12


  1. It's nice to have local vendors who sell replacement UPS batteries. UPS batteries are like car batteries, and are just as heavy. Shipping charges for replacement UPS batteries would be very expensive.
  2. The Battery provides free delivery! Learned this 11/16/2006.
  3. Dispose of spent batteries by calling Tony Oswald (EHS) for pickup and removal.
  4. When we buy new batteries, write the procurement date and warranty lifetime on the battery case with a Sharpie. Otherwise, we'll lose track of whether the batteries are duds that should be replaced under warranty.
  5. When dealing with UPS power compatibility issues, record the NEMA values from each plug and socket (e.g., WS-121 NEMA L5-30P, NEMA L5-20R 20A 125V Twist Plug).


  1. The Battery Store. Tim Caya, Patty Caya. 2086 Niagara Falls Blvd (across from the Original Pancake House), phone (716) 743-1554, fax (716) 743-1477.
  2. Pat Dennis. Manager, CIT Repair. Reliable source of help and expertise.
  3. Aeon Miller, Dell UPS Power Config Expert.


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  2. http://batteryupgrade.apcc.com
  3. http://www.apc.com/support/contact/index.cfm
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  5. http://www.batterywholesale.com/battery-store/proddetail.html?prodID=645
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