UB Content Management System (UBCMS)


UB Content Management System (UBCMS) is a major project sponsored by the UB Digital Communications Transformation (DCT) initiative.

In summer 2009, the UB2020 Web Content Initiative (WCI) team chose Day CQ5 Web Content Management (WCM) software as the content management system (CMS) platform upon which it would build numerous university websites. The first pilot sites built upon the Day CQ5 WCM platform included:

  • UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (SMBS)
  • UB Creative Services
  • UBIT

The UB DCT initiative provides the ability to easily create, maintain and refresh online content, enabling you to more effectively reach and influence your target audiences.


  1. Hugh Jarvis, UB DCT Team Member.
  2. Daniel Arrasjid, UB DCT Team Member.
  3. Damian Dolce, UB DCT Team Member.
  4. Amber Winters, UB DCT Team Member.
  5. Jeff Smith, UB DCT Team Leader.
  6. Ray Dannenhoffer, SMBS pilot program recipient/webmaster.
  7. Rick Lesniak, WCI implementation leader.


  1. http://ubcms.buffalo.edu/
  2. http://www.buffalo.edu/ub2020/wci/index.html
  3. http://www.buffalo.edu/ub2020/wci/timeline.html