TSM Solaris Client Install Instructions

Solaris 10 Instructions for TSM Version

  1. CIT's distribution is available in /src/local/TSM, follow the instructions at https://ubfs.buffalo.edu/ubfs/collab/cit/tks_public/TSM/UnixInstall.shtml using what is there. In particular do unpack it in /tmp and run it from there because their tsmconf script tries to move files into place from where you run it so it's a little "destructive".
  2. Despite saying you would need client name, server name, etc. the script didn't ask for anything related to that and seemed to not properly set up the configuration files. Just steal those from an existing server. The files live in /etc/tsm, see the versions on sol.cse.buffalo.edu.

Solaris 8 Instructions For TSM Version 5.3.5

  1. Download the client from https://download1.buffalo.edu/soft/ub/solaris/production/TSM/TSM5350.Sol...
  2. Uncompress the install file with “sudo uncompress TSM5350.SolarisSparc.tar.Z”.
  3. Untar the file with “sudo tar -xvf TSM5350.SolarisSparc.tar”.
  4. Install the packages untarred in ./tsm
    • sudo pkgadd -a ./tsmadmin -d ./TIVsmCapi.pkg TIVsmCapi
    • sudo pkgadd -a ./tsmadmin -d ./TIVsmCba.pkg TIVsmCba
  5. Run the setup script with the provided nodename and password from CIT using “ sudo ./setup.adsm.4tsm4”. Note: the final numeric character may change depending on what server you are set up one.
    • Press enter when you are asked for your node name.
    • Enter the CIT supplied password when prompted.
  6. Start the scheduler with “ sudo /etc/init.d/adsm start”.
  7. Check the log to be sure the scheduler started.
    • rehash
    • qadsmlog
  8. Add cse-staff@cse.buffalo.edu to /etc/adsm.mailto.
  9. If NFS files ystems are to be backed up add “domain all-local all-nfs” to the end of the /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/ba/bin/dsm.sys file.
  10. If certain file systems are to be excluded add entries to /etc/adsm/exclude.
  11. See https://ubfs.buffalo.edu/ubfs/collab/cit/tks_public/TSM/install/TSMSolar... for more details.