TSM Mac OS Client Install Instructions

Mac-OS 10.8.x - 10.11.x Instructions For Spectrum Protect (formally TSM) Version 7.1.x

Install the Client

  1. Download the Spectrum Protect client. Currently available here: https://www.buffalo.edu/content/www/ubit/information-for-it-staff/apps-a...
  2. Mount the mac image and launch the installer program.
  3. Click Continue twice and then click install.
  4. After you are prompted for your (root) password the install will execute and complete
  5. Be Sure to unmount the install image
  6. In the finder go to Applications->Tivoli Storage Manager. Rename the Tivoli Storage Manage executable so that "DO NOT USE" is appended to the end. The "TSM Tools for Administrators" is how all daemons are stopped/started and how the client program should be launched.

Run the Initial Client Setup

  1. Go to Applications->Tivoli Storage Manager->TSM Tools for Administrators and select the Start Client Acceptor option.
  2. Go to Applications->Tivoli Storage Manager->TSM Tools for Administrators and select the Tivoli Storage Manager option.
  3. Click Next, and then click to create a new options file. Click Next
  4. Enter the FQDN in all caps. Click Next.
  5. Select TCP/IP, Click Next.
  6. Enter the TSM server address and port as specified by TSM Support, usually in response to your node name request. Click Next.
  7. Leave the default node name as the server stanza and Click Next
  8. Use all the default excludes and Click Next
  9. Clear all the common file exclusion types. We want to back up all of them. Click Next
  10. Apply the Changes and ignore any errors about the client acceptor not being able to be started..
  11. Enter the node tsm password as specified by TSM Support.


  1. Client versions 5.5.0 - 5.5.2 and 6.1.0 are incompatible with Mac-OS 10.5.7 onward.


  1. http://www.uic.edu/depts/accc/software/adsmnew/adsmmactiger.html