TOra (Toolkit for Oracle) is a free software database development and administration GUI, available under the GNU General Public License. It features a PL/SQL debugger, an SQL worksheet with syntax highlighting, a database browser and a comprehensive set of database administration tools.

In addition to Oracle Database support, support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Teradata databases has been added since the initial launch.

It uses the Qt, and can use the qScintilla2 library. The Oracle connector uses the Oracle Template Library.

TOra was originally written by Henrik Johnson and copyright by GlobeCom AB, which was acquired by Quest Software.

Start of conversion to being maintained as open source project was made on 2005-02-17 with version 1.3.15.

QT4 conversion took place in 2009 with version 1.4.


Compute Systems Invocation Version(s)
Red Hat Linux (64-bit) % /util/bin/tora 2.1.1 (default)


  1. Make sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes /util/lib, or you'll get this error:

    tora: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:
    No such file or directory

  2. TOra's Database list will be populated if you set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable:

    setenv ORACLE_HOME /util/oracle/product/current/client_1

  3. Why does TOra report that it cannot connect to the X server, then crash?
    % tora
    tora: cannot connect to X server 
    Segmentation fault

    TOra is a graphical application. If you want to run it on a remote system, you must enable secure X11 forwarding:

    1. If you're locally logged in on a UNIX/Linux system and run TOra on a remote UNIX/Linux system, remember to enable X11 forwarding with the -Y option when you ssh to the remote system:
      % ssh -Y timberlake
    2. If you're locally logged in on a Microsoft Windows system and run TOra on a remote UNIX/Linux system using the PuTTy SSH client, you must run X-Win32 in the background.