Technical Reports


Upload new technical reports using the CSE Technical Reports Submission Form:

View existing technical reports in the CSE Technical Reports Archive:


The CSE installation of Dienst techrep and NCSTRL-lite was built in 1995. It is part of a then-current distributed technical reporting infrastructure described in this whitepaper. Unfortunately, this project seems to have crashed. The project's reference URL is dead:

After Ken upgraded the web server from Solaris to FreeBSD in 2006, this system broke. CSE IT staff was forced to manually assign TR numbers and post technical reports.

The remnants of an intricate technical reports system exist in the MySQL techreps database, hosted on oceanus. I don't think this system was ever in production.

Current Solution

In 2006, the SEAS Dean's Office hired Creative Services to redesign the CSE web pages. When Creative Services delivered the new website in 2008, it included a technical reports page written in PHP. Because updating the page required painstaking HTML editing, Christian Miller rewrote it, separating data and presentation layers. The new version draws data from a MySQL table.

We also wrote a TR submission form to upload new technical reports to the MySQL table.


  3. /web/tech-reps/admin/admin/bin
  4. /web/tech-reps/admin/cgi-bin
  5. /web/tech-reps/admin/src