Teaching Assistant Evaluation


This page is directed to all CSE Course Directors with Teaching Assistants (TAs) assigned to their course(s).

Since 2006, the Provost has directed UB faculty to observe and evaluate each TA each semester. This requires Course Directors to personally observe each of their Undergraduate and Graduate TAs at least twice each semester. After the first observation, typically early in the semester, the Course Director and TA should meet and discuss preliminary findings, and the Course Director should make relevant suggestions to improve teaching performance. After the second observation, typically toward the end of the semester, the Course Director will draft a TA Evaluation Report and they will meet, discuss and sign the report. The reports will then be filed with the Department and available for review by the Provost's Office.


  1. TA Evaluation Report Form A (below). Evaluate TAs assigned as recitation instructors, lab instructors, lecturers, and all other roles that had regular group interaction with the class.
  2. TA Evaluation Report Form B (below). Evaluate TAs assigned as graders, lab experiment designers, and all other roles that did not have regular group interaction with the class.
  3. Submit completed forms to Dr. Jayaraman's mailbox in Davis 338U prior to the end of the semester.
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