Submit Script Setup Letter


Dear CSE faculty,

CSE provides an online project submit system for CSE courses. The submit system enables your students to submit project files from any student system (cerf, metallica, styx, timberlake, turing).  Submitted files land in the /submit/ directory.

If you would like to use the online submit system for courses you are teaching this semester, please email us at:

For each submit-enabled course or section, please specify:

1. CSE course number (and also course section, if you segregate course project submissions by lab/recitation section).
2. Owner of the submitted files (probably you or one of your TAs).
3. UNIX group to which the submitted files should belong. If you need to share access to course materials with your TAs, please tell us which UNIX group to use. We usually create UNIX groups to match course numbers (e.g., cse-NNN). Please include the userids of the TAs who should belong to this group.
4. Any special instructions.

We archive past semesters' submitted materials to the directory:


The submit log is available at: