Submit Script


CSE developed the CSE submit script to enable students to submit project coursework to their instructors.


Compute Systems Invocation Version(s)
Red Hat Linux (64-bit) % /util/bin/submit_cse[NNN] [-c course] filename ... 1.0 (default)


  1. Simple example to submit the file foo.txt to the repository for CSE 341.
    timberlake % /util/bin/submit_cse341 foo.txt
    Submission of "foo.txt" successful.


  1. The submit command cannot handle whitespace in filenames. If the file you're trying to submit contains whitespace, you'll get an error like this:
    % /util/bin/submit_cse562 Solution\ 3.pdf
    /util/bin/submit_cse562: Solution 3.pdf: submission failed - please report problem.

    Recommendation: Replace all instances of whitespace with underscores.

  2. The submit command cannot submit nonexistent files. If submit returns a "can't stat file" error, it means that the file(s) you're trying to submit do not exist in the directory you've specified:
    % ls -al foo.txt
    ls: foo.txt: No such file or directory
    % submit_cse115 foo.txt
    submit_cse115: foo.txt: can't stat file.
  3. For instructions describing how to create a tape archive (tar) file that contains your source files, see the 'Archiving Files (tar)' page, below.


  2. Submit Inspector Form