Security Lab


The Security Lab occupies 301C Davis Hall (912 net square feet). Cisco and the National Science Foundation help fund the Security Lab.


  1. Table space in the middle for 8 seats (laptops). For MANET experiments.
  2. A projector space on North. For presentations.
  3. A space for couple of stations on NE. Will serve as Base Station.
  4. Table space for 4 desktops on South. To facilitate wired security and Forensics, Firewalls.
  5. Rack space and cabinet space on West. Racks for networking gears.
  6. Movable tables on East. For miscellaneous sensor experiments.
  7. Overhead utility grid (tracks) on the ceiling for mobile sensor experiments (in two dimensions).
  8. Collapsible wall (RF shielded) on East. This lab should adjoin with the Wireless lab for extended experiments.
  9. Space for two cabinets along the wall on left.
  10. Smart board and ceiling mounted projector.
  11. Mobile cart (capable of holding 15-18 laptops and access points) to facilitate classroom labs in a generic computer engineering lab or in the classroom itself.
  12. Motion detector system for physical security of equipment.


  1. Shambhu Upadhyaya


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