Safety Audits


CSE is inspected for office safety compliance annually. The SEAS Dean's Office coordinates a pre-audit with Environmental Health & Safety to locate potential violations. Sometime after that, hopefully after those violations have been corrected, the fire marshal performs the official inspection.


  1. Aisle Clearance
    1. Spaces must have clear, unobstructed escape paths to egress points. Escape clearances must be at least 23" wide.
  2. Ceiling Clearance
    1. Rooms with sprinklers must have 24" of clearance below the ceiling.
    2. Rooms without sprinklers must have 18" of clearance below the ceiling.
  3. Ceiling Tiles
    1. Damaged ceiling tiles are a fire hazard and must be replaced. Ceiling tiles are considered the first line of defense in preventing fire from moving through above-ceiling interstitial space and into other areas.
  4. Excessive Combustible Load
    1. Provide weights/limits/materials that constitute excessive combustible load here.
  5. Extension Cords and Multi-Plug (Cube) Adapters
    1. Extension cords and multi-plug (cube) adapters are expressly disallowed. Surge protectors, power strips, power bars, UPSes, and line conditioners are OK, though. Surge protectors, power strips and power bars CANNOT be daisy chained together.
  6. Raised Floor Panels
    1. Applies mostly to server rooms. Floor panels must be in place and undamaged so people do not fall through holes in the floor.
  7. Space Heaters
    1. Personal space heaters must have tip-over shutoff switches.
  8. Fire Suppression and Sensor Accessibility
    1. Extinguishing and sprinkler equipment should not be blocked in any way.
    2. Sprinkler heads should not have anything hung from them.
    3. Sensing equipment such as smoke and heat sensors or pull handles should not be blocked in any way.


  1. Carol Schmeidler, EHS General Safety & Industrial Hygiene Manager
  2. Tony Oswald, EHS Hazardous Waste Manager
  3. Linda Bovino, SEAS Assistant to the Dean


  1. UB Fire & Life Safety Official Page
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