Refrigeration Units


Liebert, Carrier, and Trane produce refrigeration units that provide precision air conditioning in computer server rooms. We must constantly monitor CSE server rooms to control for hardware-damaging abnormal environmental conditions such as high temperature and high humidity. Chilled Water Plant and the Refrigeration Shop monitor these conditions.


  1. Bell 247
    1. Liebert Sensor. This sensor alarms with a "high temp threshold condition" when it perceives ambient room temperature has reached 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Notifies XXX?. XXX? contacts us using XXX? Call List. Fails through to:
    2. Room Sensor. This sensor should only alarm when things have gotten really bad. It alarms with a "high temp threshold condition" when it perceives ambient room temperature has reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Alarms remotely at XXX?. XXX? contacts us using XXX? Call List.
  2. Bell 316


Desirable server room threshold range conditions:

Attribute Low Range
High Range
Temperature 65 deg F 80 deg F
Humidity 15% 85%
Water Level ? ?

Refrigeration Units

Location Model Serial Number Capacity Monitored By Contact Last PM Date
Bell 247 (Room)
Bell 247 (Ceiling)
Bell 316 Carrier ACI-IE
Furnas 215 Trane ? FCU2-CE None Refrigeration Shop, Chilled Water Plant


  1. Cliff Martin, Utility Plant Engineer II, Chilled Water Plant, 645-2205 x15
  2. Al Gilewicz, Assistant Director - Utility Operations, Chilled Water Plant, 645-2205 ext 11
  3. Lee Argen, Refrigeration Shop Supervisor, 645-2028 x264
  4. Mike Dmowski, Refrigeration Shop Supervisor, 645-2028
  5. Duane Sawyer, Refrigeration Mechanic, 645-2028 x285
  6. Kirk ?, creative Refrigeration Mechanic who raised Bell 247 high temp alarm threshold rather than fix high temperature problem.
  7. Bryan Sweeney, Refrigeration Mechanic,
  8. Ed Sobczak, CEDAR SysAdmin.
  9. Tom, UB Commons site manager, 903-5076
  10. Mike Alessi, First Amherst Property Manager, 570-0378
  11. First Amherst Work Order System, 839-1400
  12. MJ Mechanical services the UB Commons 21B server room Lieberts. (716) 874-9200


  1. According to Facilities Mechanical Engineer Bob Puleo, Facilities pays for maintenance and upkeep of refrigeration units as long as they are original building equipment.
  2. Report problems to University Facilities Customer Service ((716) 645-2025).
  3. Report alarms back to CWP or Public Safety? Is either service cheaper or better?
  4. Creative Problem-solving? Bell 247 Liebert alarm sounded high temperature condition threshold alarm on a hot afternoon on 07/14/2006. Called Cust Serv, originated Facilities WO #11890. Tech resolved problem by resetting the high temperature alarm threshold from 80 deg F to 84 deg F. Ken and Bill discovered the problem the next week. Reported it to Refrig Shop supervisor Lee Argen 07/21/2006. Refrig tech Kirk called back, reporting that server exhaust fans were blowing directly on temp sensor and that temp sensor should be moved, but would not take any blame. Directed me to call CWP to move sensor!