PostGreSQL Client Admin

How to Install the PostGreSQL *Client Only*

% cd /src/util/postgresql-8.4.10
% ./configure --prefix=/util/postgresql-8.4.10
% gmake
# gmake -C src/bin install
# gmake -C src/include install
# gmake -C src/interfaces install
# gmake -C doc install

% cd src/tutorial
% gmake NO_PGXS=1 all
% cd /util/postgresql-8.4.10/share
# cp -r /src/util/postgresql-8.4.10/src/tutorial .
# chown -R root tutorial/
# chgrp -R root tutorial/

% cd /util
# ln -s postgresql-8.4.10 postgresql # make this version the default


  1. General advice that also applies to this case: Client software should never be a later revision than its associated server software! Ideally, they should be the same revision.