PC Repair Services


UB used to offer on-campus PC repair services staffed by UB employees. In the 1990s, CIT subdepartment CIT Repair repaired UB community workstations (on or off-warranty) for free or for a minimal charge. In the later 1990's, another CIT subdepartment, UB Micro, offered consumer and warranty service workstation repair.

In June 2012, CIT shuttered UB Micro to cut costs. In December 2012, UB began experimenting with a third-party PC repair service provider called VITEC Solutions. CIT hosted an embedded VITEC Solutions satellite location in the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary site (now renamed LevelUp).


  1. Today, UBIT has abdicated all repair support responsibility over personal workstations/laptops. The UB community must rely on original manufacturer warranties and third-party repair service vendors.
  2. UB negotiates volume discounts for Dell products, so many UB workstations are manufactured by Dell. For Dell products, use the references below to check whether your product is still under warranty or ask Dell for a product repair quote.


  1. UB "Purchasing Hardware" Site
  2. Dell Support Home
  3. Dell Support Services & Warranty
  4. Dell Repair: 1-877-671-3355