PC Repair Services


UB used to support in-house PC repair services staffed by UB employees. In the '90's, CIT subdepartment CIT Repair repaired workstations (on or off-warranty). In the later '90's, another CIT subdepartment called UB Micro took over consumer and warranty service workstation repair.

In June 2012, UB shuttered UB Micro to cut costs. Now UB is experimenting with a third-party PC repair service provider called VITEC Solutions. UB hosts an embedded VITEC location in the Lockwood 2nd floor Cybrary.


  1. VITEC Solutions charges at least one hour of labor to perform routine warranty replacements of "user serviceable" parts (hard drives, monitors, mice, keyboards, etc.).
  2. You may be able to avoid VITEC Solutions' in-warranty labor fees by contacting PC manufacturers directly to perform your in-warranty repairs:


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