• The first thing you should do upon logging into a system for the first time is: change your password.
  • Passwords are very important for security, especially in a "networked" environment.
  • The UNIX command to change your password is passwd.
  • It will ask for your current password before allowing you to change it.
  • As with logging in, passwords will not be printed to your screen.
  • It will ask for the new password twice to make sure you typed it right:

    	% passwd
    	passwd:  Changing password for kns
    	Enter login password: 
    	New password: 
    	Re-enter new password: 
    	passwd (SYSTEM): passwd successfully changed for kns

  • Depending on setup, this command may not work. If it doesn't work, see your sys-admin.
  • It is very important to choose a good password:
    • Never make it your username.
    • Avoid dictionary words.
    • Avoid dictionary words spelled backwards.
    • Try to include numbers, mix up letter case, etc.
    • Passwords can be as long as you want but most UNIXes only pay attention to the first 8 characters.
  • Change your password frequently.