Other UB Calendars


A lot of agencies around UB maintain calendars. In CSE, we're trying to integrate these multifarious calendars into a single federated calendar with various layers maintained by each agency. It would be nice to be able to advertise departmental and university-wide events using the UB Events Calendar, but that calendar is choked with events that many people might find to be irrelevant.


  1. UB has too many non-interacting calendars.
  2. Many UB calendars have complicated, non-intuitive URLs.
  3. Many UB calendars duplicate information that is already available in another calendar, or that should be another agency's responsibility.
  4. Some events are never posted on UB calendars at all because nobody is responsible for posting those events.


  1. Mary Camille Schwindler, UB Academic Calendar maintainer.
  2. Marc Rosenblitt, SA Events Calendar maintainer.
  3. Steven Powell, SA Admin Director of Communications.


  1. UB Academic Calendar
    1. http://registrar.buffalo.edu/calendars/academic/
    2. http://prv-web.eng.buffalo.edu/blogs/sarfsnews/category/calendars/
  2. UB Athletics Calendar
    1. http://www.buffalobulls.com/composite
  3. UB Career Calendar
    1. http://www.ub-careers.buffalo.edu/calendar.php
  4. UB Events Calendar
    1. http://www.buffalo.edu/calendar/calendar
    2. http://www.buffalo.edu/calendar/feeds.html
    3. https://www.buffalo.edu/calendar-admin/instruct.html#special_categories
  5. UB Student Association (SA)
    1. http://www.sa.buffalo.edu/eventscalendar