OS/161 Admin


Generally follow the OS/161 setup.html with the following modifications:


During compliation, GCC may complain about missing GMP, MPC, and MPFR libraries. Download them from source, unzip them, move them to the top level of the GCC source directory, and rename them to their default source names without version numbers (gmp, mpc, mpfr).


I didn't need to do this procedure in the 2016 update.

% cd bmake
% ./configure --prefix=/util/os161/tools
% sh make-bootstrap.sh
% sudo ./boot-strap --prefix=/util/os161/tools
% sudo cp /src/util/os161/bmake/Linux/bmake /util/os161/tools/bin/bmake-20101215
% sudo ln -s bmake-20101215 /util/os161/tools/bin/bmake
% sudo mkdir -p /util/os161/tools/share/man/cat1
% sudo cp /src/util/os161/bmake/bmake.cat1 /util/os161/tools/share/man/cat1/bmake.1
% sudo sh /src/util/os161/bmake/mk/install-mk /util/os161/tools/share/mk


  1. http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~dholland/os161/resources/setup.html