ORS - Online Resource Scheduler


ORS is a PHP script that enables organizations to easily provide an online reservation system. CSE started using ORS in December 2011. So far, we've been pretty happy with it!




Any reservation violating these rules will be removed:

  1. All seminars, colloquium talks and interview talks must be in room 113A.
  2. 338A and 310 will be for meetings and student defenses only.
  3. No 6XX classes are allowed to use our conference rooms without my permission. No seminars are allowed to use 338A without my permission.

How to Schedule a Recurring Event

You must be granted the 'Calendar Authority' role to schedule recurring events. Diane is the department's 'Calendar Authority'.

If you're going to schedule a recurring event for MWF, unfortunately you must schedule separate recurring events for each of M, W, and F (three separate recurring events).

  1. Log in.
  2. Utilities Menu -> Recurring Signups -> Add New Recurring Signup
  3. [Assign values to appropriate fields] -> Add


  • Graphical, interactive calendar
  • View by day, week, month, or text list
  • Alternate signups for same resource and time block
  • Automatic email notifications of schedule changes
  • Password-controlled access
  • Customizable signup rules (length, weekends, etc.)
  • Expire user accounts by date
  • Identify inactive accounts
  • Virtually unlimited number of resources and users
  • 4 levels of user access
  • Automatic database backup
  • Control what is publically-viewable
  • Easy to install
  • Free - no fees - none!


  1. lethe:~cwmiller/devel/support/get_ors_people.pl helps with bulk user uploads.
  2. Add portable videoprojectors, laptops, cameras, etc. as schedulable resources?


  1. Aidong Zhang, requestor.


  1. http://ors.cse.buffalo.edu
  2. http://ors.sourceforge.net/
  3. http://sourceforge.net/projects/ors/
  4. http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ors/index.php?title=Installation_G...