Oracle Collaboration Suite


CSE tried calendaring with Oracle Collaboration Suite (OCS) from Fall 2007 until Spring 2008. The College of Arts and Sciences Educational Technology (CASET) node had an existing OCS server, so we accepted their offer to host a CSE OCS instance. Marty Camacho created our OCS instance.

CSE faculty and staff hated this application. It required too many clicks to perform simple tasks, and each click took 3-10 seconds to process. Diane asked us to kill it and revert to the paper conference room scheduling book on March 24, 2008.


  1. Oracle Collaboration Suite Calendar Client (Remember to set Server=csecalendar)
    • Server = csecalendar
    • User ID = Your UBITName
    • Password = [Mail cse-consult for your initial password]


  1. Diane VanNatter must approve all requests to use the Bell 224 conference room.
  2. You may have an Oracle Calendar account if you are a:
    • CSE faculty member
    • CSE staff member
    • CSE student who is the leader of a CSE research group
    • CSE student who is the leader of a CSE club


  1. Oct 2006: Martin Camacho created the CSE node on the CASET Oracle Calendar server.
  2. June 2007: CSE-Consult suggested to Kathy that we use the Oracle calendar to schedule CSE conference rooms.


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