Office Lighting


The Davis Hall office light switches, manufactured by Cooper Controls, support motion detection-based control. We can program them to suit your preferences.

Light Switch Configuration Procedure

  1. Release the face plate by inserting a small flat-head screwdriver into the slot. Release the tab.
  2. Set the DIP switches as described in the attached plan to preferred settings.
  3. Test correctness of your new configuration.
  4. Replace the face plate.


  1. The Davis office lights have three levels of luminescence. If you hold down the switch, the lamp loops through 3 tubes to 1 tube to 2 tubes. This way, one can go green since the natural lighting in the various rooms is pretty good. (contributed by Shambhu Upadhyaya)
  2. To switch lights to manual mode:
    1. Offices - Set DIP switch 5 to on
    2. Labs with ceiling mounted sensors - Set DIP switch 8 to on


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