NoMachine Admin


Install NoMachine locally on the remote machine rather than into the shared /util filesystem. Among other things, NoMachine will run as a daemon and will depend on a local nx account in the passwd file that has dependencies in the local hosts's /etc and /var directories:

  1. Follow the standard NoMachine installation procedure (below). Install the codebase into /usr/local/NX.
  2. Modify the NX server config file by setting these values:
    % sudo vi /usr/local/NX/etc/server.cfg
    PhysicalDesktopAuthorization 0
    StartNXDaemon Automatic

    Verify that the NX installer's userid isn't set as the default owner of every display:

    # When 'CreateDisplay' is enabled, specify the display owner and let
    # NoMachine create the new display without querying the user. If the
    # server supports only one concurrent connection, the connecting user
    # must be the display owner set in this key.
    #DisplayOwner ""
    #DisplayOwner cwmiller

Administrative Tasks

# Restart the nxd daemon
% sudo /usr/local/NX/bin/nxserver --restart nxd