MPlayer Admin


  1. Download the latest mplayer source with svn:
    % svn checkout svn:// mplayer
  2. Update the source, just in case.
    % cd mplayer
    % svn update
  3. Then do the usual:
    % ./configure --prefix=/util/mplayer-2011-09-21 --enable-gui
    % make
    # make install
  4. Install at least one skin to the skins directory.
    [lethe] mplayer% cd /util/mplayer-2011-09-21/share/mplayer/skins/
    [lethe] skins% ls
    Blue  default
  5. Make this version our default mplayer.
    % cd /util
    # rm mplayer
    # ln -s mplayer-2011-09-21 mplayer