Microsoft Windows SNMP Service

Install the SNMP Service

  1. Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows Features On or Off (left hand side of screen)
  2. Click on Features (left hand side), click Add Features (right hand side)
  3. Select the Simple Network Management Protocol check box, and all check boxes underneath it. Click Next
  4. Click Install.

Configure SNMP Agent Properties

  1. Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
  2. Scroll to find SNMP Service
  3. Right-click, select Properties
  4. Select Agent tab, set:
    • Contact: See CSE Call List
    • Location: [Building] [Room] Tile [Coordinates] Shelf [Number]
  5. Select Traps tab, set:
    • Community name: public
    • Trap destinations:
  6. Select Security tab, create:
    • Check 'Send Authentication trap'
    • Click 'Add'
    • Community Rights: READ ONLY
    • Community name: public
    • Click 'Add'
    • Click on 'Accept SNMP packets from any host'
  7. Select OK
  8. Verify SNMP connection through this site: