Microsoft Windows Active Directory Account


Active Directory (AD) is a technology created by Microsoft that provides a variety of network services, including Kerberos-based authentication.

UBIT creates your AD account as soon as you become affiliated with UB. UBIT deactivates your AD account N (?) months after you leave UB.

Your AD account enables you to use CSE, SENS and UBIT PCs. This includes all Windows PCs found in the CSE labs.

Logging In

Simply enter your UBIT Username and password.

Using Windows 10/11 on your PC, you may need to set the prefix of your UBIT name with "ad\" (Example: ad\UBIT username) at the login prompt.

Setup and Config

  1. Before you use your AD account, if one doesn't already exist, create a directory called Windows in your home directory on the CSE Student Systems timeshare systems (e.g. AD will map this directory to your N:\ drive when you login to a Windows computer. If this mapping does not occur automatically you may do the following:
    1. Right click on "This PC"
    2. Select "Map network drive..."
    3. Choose "N" for the drive letter.
    4. Next to "Folder:", type: \\lumier\username
    5. Be sure to check "Reconnect at logon"
    6. If you are prompted for a password enter ad\UBITusername and your UBIT password
  2. Keep all your files in your N:\ drive on lumier. Anything left on the machines may be deleted at any time.
  3. You may associate printers with your AD account.


  1. Your AD Windows password is synchronized with your UBIT password. If you have never used your UBIT username/password, you can find more information here: Activate Your UBITName.
  2. You may change your UBIT/Windows password anytime here: Change Your UBITName Password.