Magellan Pro iRobot


CSE purchased the Magellan Pro iRobot with some of David Pierce's startup funds. iRobot does not support this model anymore, having moved to more lucrative ventures like the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot.


  1. The robot is a Linux server whose hostname is
  2. The robot's MAC address is 00:e0:4c:77:01:45
  3. The iRobot is a Common Object Relational Brokerage Architecture (CORBA)-based system.
  4. The PlayerStage config file (painstakingly built by Matt Stock) is an important component.


  1. iRobot
  2. Sony remote control
  3. DLINK AirPlus Extreme G 2.4 GHz Wireless Access Point
  4. Charger


  1. To boot iRobot: Unbotton robot, unplug three data cables, plug cables back in.
  2. Don't charge the iRobot for more than two hours if its computer is off or the batteries may overload.
  3. Leave the computer on.
  4. Shutdown the robot by sshing to irobot and executing shutdown.


  1. Stu Shapiro
  2. Matt Stock
  3. TJ Burns


  2. iRobot Mobility Robot Integration Software User's Guide
  3. iRobot Magellan Pro Compact Mobile Robot User's Guide
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