Some Davis Hall research labs are equipped with storage lockers. Davis Hall architects Perkins+Will decided to include lockers to fill empty wall space between structural columns.

How to Unlock a Häfele MasterCombi Combination Lock

  1. Spin the dial to the right (clockwise) a few full rotations to clear the pins.
  2. Turn the dial to the right (clockwise), then stop when the FIRST number of your combination lines up with the indicator.
  3. Turn the dial one full turn to the left (counterclockwise), passing the first number, and stop when the SECOND number of your combination lines up with the indicator.
  4. Turn the dial to the right (clockwise) and stop when the THIRD number of your combination lines up with the indicator.
  5. Turn the dial a little further to the right (clockwise), and the mechanism will release.


  1. CSE faculty may assign lockers to lab members by using the Locker Assignments web application or the command line script. Assigned locker number and combination will be emailed to the assignee without exposing the combination to the assignor.

    Command Line Script Usage:

    # Help
    % /util/bin/ -h
    Usage: /util/bin/ -h | -a | -l LOCKER_NUMBER -u USERID
            -h => [H]elp!
            -a => Print locker [A]ssignments table.
            -l LOCKER_NUMBER => Assign [L]ocker LOCKER_NUMBER (indexed by its steel number placard).
            -u USERID => Assign the locker to the person whose [U]serid is USERID.
    # Assign locker 145 to cwmiller
    % /util/bin/ -l 145 -u cwmiller
    # Print table of locker assignments
    % /util/bin/ -a
  2. If you're a CSE faculty member who prefers to distribute locker combinations yourself, email for your research lab's locker combinations.
  3. CSE reserves the right to open and inspect lockers with the Master Lock master key if CSE suspects that a locker tenant is misusing a locker or violating university policies or laws.


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