Instructional Labs


CSE hosts instructional lab facilities.

i Lab Description Principal Location Workstations Workstation Count Workstation Naming Convention Projector Printer Instructional Sq Ft Total Sq Ft
1. CSE Introduction to Programming Lab Hosts CSE 115 and CSE 116: Introduction to Computer Science for Majors I and II. Carl Alphonce BALDY HALL 21 AXIS 2100, Dell Optiplex 7020 29 Functional, Game of Thrones Sharp PG-F212X-L 822 822
2. CSE Software Engineering Lab Hosts CSE 442: Software Engineering. Jesse Hartloff BALDY HALL 19 AXIS 2100 2 Functional 570 1140


  1. The university spaces that house CSE instructional labs occupy an actual total of 1963 net square feet (NSF).
  2. The CSE instructional mission occupies a total of 1393 net square feet (NSF) of lab space. This measurement is less than the total actual occupancy measurement because some lab space may be allocated to a university mission other than instruction (typically research).