How to Schedule a Meeting

  1. Login to the Oracle Collaboration Suite Calendar Client. (Remember to set Server=csecalendar)
  2. Select the 'Create a Meeting' icon:
  3. In the 'General' tab, set values for the fields, but leave the 'Location' field blank.
  4. In the 'Details' tab, optionally write a descriptive note or attach files.
  5. In the 'Notification' tab, optionally configure reminder settings.
  6. In the 'People & Resources' tab:
    1. Set 'Search For' = People. Type the last name of a meeting attendee. Click 'Find' to include the attendee in the meeting. Repeat this step for each attendee.
    2. Set 'Search For' = Resources. Select the second radio button (Resources). Select either 'Find All or 'Find Available'. Select the desired conference room and click 'Add Selected'. When the desired conference room is in the list of meeting attendees, click 'Add As Location'. Oracle will report 'The selected resource has been added to the location field'.
  7. Select 'Create'.