How to Install the Linux Oracle Client



  1. The client install script includes an X GUI. Make sure your connection to the target install machine passes X traffic:

    % ssh -Y hostname

  2. Download the latest Linux Oracle client (appropriate to your machine's operating system and processor type) to the target machine:

  3. Remove the existing client directory. The next step will create the new version of the client directory.
    [lethe] ~% cd /src/util/oracle/
    [lethe] oracle% rm -rf client
  4. Unzip the new client zipfile:

    % unzip

  5. Run the install script:

    % cd client/
    % ./runInstaller

  6. Set 'full path of the inventory directory' = /util/oracle
  7. Set 'Select Installation Type' = Administrator
  8. Set 'Oracle Base' = /util/oracle
  9. Click Install
  10. Copy (the C shell Oracle Environment file, attached below) to $ORA_HOME:


  11. Copy the Academic Oracle Service (AOS) tnsnames.ora (attached below) to:



  1. If you're installing the Oracle Linux client on a machine that is not on UB's class B network (that is, if the machine's IP address is not of the form: 128.205.X.Y), you must use the Oracle client in conjunction with the UBVPN client to connect to the AOS.


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