How to Connect to UB InfoSource From Microsoft Access


UB administrators may connect to UB InfoSource from Microsoft Access.


Before you begin, you'll need these 'ingredients' to successfully complete the procedure.

  • A UB InfoSource account (usually of the form CSEXYZ, where CSE is our departmental abbreviation and XYZ is the three initials of your full name). Request your account here.
  • Privileges to read UB InfoSource views granted to you by administrative area-specific data trustees. Request data access privileges here.
  • Privileges to mount CSE's \\tomcat\InfoSource Queries Windows file share. If you're a CSE FTE, you should already have these privileges.


  1. Open Microsoft Access 2010.
  2. Create a New Database.
  3. [Reference/create a query repository.]


  1. Kathleen Kielar, SIRI Rep and 'Training and Business Process Redesign Coordinator', author of attached 'CustomizedInfoSourceRptMSAccess' procedure.
CustomizedInfoSourceRptMSAccess.pdf1.56 MB