GNU C Library (glibc)


The GNU C Library, commonly known as glibc, is the GNU Project's implementation of the C standard library. Originally written by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for the GNU operating system, the library's development had been overseen by a committee since 2001, with Ulrich Drepper as the lead contributor and maintainer. In March 2012, the steering committee voted to disband itself, in favor of a community-driven development process, with Ryan Arnold, Maxim Kuvyrkov, Joseph Myers, Carlos O'Donell, and Alexandre Oliva as non-decision making project stewards.

Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, glibc is free software.


Compute Systems Invocation Version(s)
Red Hat Linux (64-bit) % /util/glibc/bin/ [various] 2.15 (default)