EVGA PCoIP Zero Client


Welcome to EVGA's New VMware-certified PCoIP zero client for cloud computing. EVGA's zero clients are "true zero clients" providing the user with a small foot print design, low power consumption, centralized virus protection, OS versatility and full USB device support. Centralized computing is now a truly viable option for all user types, either locally via LAN or remotely via WAN. Host rendering preserves the PC environment so applications perform as they should. PCoIP broadcasts only the encrypted pixels not the data across the network to the client. This makes it possible for a stateless, decode only device, a true zero client.

  • Allows desktops to be managed in the data center
  • Full frame rate 3D graphics and HD media
  • No application dependencies
  • Low Maintenance
  • Future Proof
  • Cost savings


  1. CIT runs EVGA PCoIP PD02 zero clients in its Cybrary, Public Lab, and walk-up terminal locations. (August 2013)


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