Erlang mode for Emacs


The purpose of this user guide is to introduce you to the Erlang mode for Emacs and gives some relevant background information of the functions and features. See also Erlang mode reference manual The purpose of the Erlang mode itself is to facilitate the developing process for the Erlang programmer.


  1. Add these lines to your ~/.emacs init file:

    ; Erlang mode for Emacs
    (setq load-path (cons "/util/erlang/lib/erlang/lib/tools/emacs" load-path))
    (setq erlang-root-dir "/util/erlang")
    (setq exec-path (cons "/util/erlang/bin" exec-path))
    (require 'erlang-start)

  2. Now use Emacs to open a .erl (erlang) file. Observe the color-contextual highlighting.

    % emacs echo.erl


  1. On reinstallation, cd to /util/erlang/lib/erlang/lib, symlink tools-x.y.z to tools. Then users won't have to update their .emacs files every time we upgrade erlang.
  2. On reinstallation, you may need to manually copy erlang-skels.el to the tools/emacsarget directory.


  1. Stuart Shapiro, requestor.