Digital Manufacturing Laboratory


The SEAS Digital Manufacturing Lab (DML) is a proposed shared instrumentation facility that will provide shared 3D printing (aka additive manufacturing) resources for SEAS faculty, staff, and students. The SEAS DML will probably be located in Bonner 118.

CSE Use Cases

  1. Michael Buckley: Fabricate precision hardware for Disabled Interactive Sensory Coordination Opportunities (DISCO) Lab program activities.
  2. Karthik Dantu: Fabricate precision housings, connectors, holders, etc. for sensor systems and robots. The ability to manufacture small parts to precisely fit our needs will reduce repeated repair costs and improve the overall quality and professional appearance of our work product.
  3. Ifeoma Nwogu: Fabricate customizable objects with embedded measurement sensors. The ability to quickly develop and print 3D object prototypes, and perform usability tests with these prototypes will be very beneficial for some of our research work which involves designing, deploying and interpreting data from "intelligent objects" that interact with people in the Internet of Things.

    The project is currently sponsored by the UB Center for Home Health and Well-Being through Adaptive Smart Environments (HomeBASE)

  4. Kris Schindler: Fabricate microcontroller board enclosures and housings.


  1. Linda Bovino, SEAS Facilities Director
  2. Mike Buckley, CSE researcher
  3. David Eason, SEAS technical advisor
  4. Liesl Folks, SEAS Dean
  5. Daniel Freedman, SUNY New Paltz Dean of Science and Engineering and Director, Digital Fabrication Lab
  6. Jennifer Giegel, SEAS Outreach and Operations Coordinator
  7. Don Goralski, SEAS Shared Instrumentation Facilities Director
  8. Jon McMahon, SEAS technical advisor
  9. Rahul Rai, MAE researcher
  10. Kris Schindler, CSE researcher
  11. Tarunraj Singh, MAE researcher
  12. Chi Zhou, ISE researcher


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