Cyber Infrastructure OSG policies


This document is meant to cover OSG and the Cyber Infrastructure research group usage policies and guidelines.


  • All access to CSE processing resources for other OSG VOs is provided on an opportunistic basis unless otherwise agreed upon
  • Non-CSE VOs have a hard limit of 48 hours of wall clock time.
    • If CSE staff are forced to kill running processes, we will attempt to provide warning to the affected VO.
    • Under normal running conditions we will attempt to give four hours notice.
    • During some running conditions we may be forced to remove processes without warning.
  • CSE requests that VOs submit using Condor Grid Monitor. VOs unable to submit through grid monitor will be limited in the number of active processes allowed.


  • CSE provides four storage areas: /home, /local, /scratch, and /projects.
    • /localis an area for software installation shared across all worker nodes.
    • /scratch is a read/write area for temporary files shared across all worker nodes. Files will be purged after 1 week.
    • /home is where user home directories reside. This space as 15 Gb per user quota.
    • /projects is an area for all Cyber Infrastructure specific storage.
  • Samba access for windows machines is available upon special request to cse-consult. Please be sure to mention what machine you will be accessing from.


  1. Memebers of the CI research group should see