CSE Usage of Microsoft Exchange Server


In May 2014, CSE began piloting a project to join CIT's Microsoft Exchange Server (MES) service. We hope to use MES to replace our various calendaring solutions and to join UB's de facto standard calendaring service. The nature of calendaring is that you need to adopt whichever solution the majority of your colleagues are using in order to guarantee seamless interoperability.



  1. CSE doesn't run a MES server, so migration from a CSE MES to a CIT MES is unnecessary.
  2. CSE must migrate its CIT IMAP service users to the CIT MES service. Will this be difficult? What needs to happen on the server side?
  3. CSE must migrate its ORS calendar data to the CIT MES service.


  1. Does Thunderbird support MES? Or must all Thunderbird users switch to MS Outlook? A Thunderbird Add-On called Exquilla is available, but it requires a licensing fee.


  1. Does MES support resource calendars in addition to personal calendars? We'll need them for:
    1. Davis 113A conference room
    2. Davis 310 conference room
    3. Davis 337 conference room
    4. Davis 338A conference room
    5. CSE Departmental Events
    6. Faculty Office Hours
    7. ACM Student Chapter Events
  2. Can we display the resource calendars on the CSE web site? MES allows publication on a WebDAV server, and FreeBSD Apache HTTPD server supports WebDAV.


  1. Saira Hasnain, EIS director.


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