CSE UNIX/Linux Accounts


  1. CSE creates a CSE UNIX/Linux account for each CSE student (a student enrolled in one or more UB CSE courses). Your CSE userid (username) is the same as your UBITName.
  2. CSE student user accounts are reserved for students who have officially registered for courses. We will not create an account for you if you are auditing a course.
  3. CSE students may login and work on the CSE Student Systems.
  4. CSE student user accounts have default quotas of 500 MB of usable storage space. If your advisor specifies that your academic needs justify more space, we'll give it to you.


Default Password

CSE creates a default password for you (that should be difficult for other people to guess) by combining your birthday with part of your 16-digit UB Card ISO number. Your CSE password is not synchronized with your UBIT password, so you may keep separate CSE and UBIT passwords. ****If you are having problems with Authentication error messages after trying the default password, read the section below on 'Resetting your password'.****

Your default CSE password is the:

First four digits of your birthday (MMDD) + last six digits of your 16-digit UB Card ISO number

Example: If your birthday is June 16th and the last six digits of your 16-digit UB Card ISO number are 123456, your default password is:


Changing your Password

Because your CSE and UBIT accounts are distinct, changing your CSE password does not change your UBIT password that governs your MyUB, UBLearns, and UBIT system access.

You must change your CSE password on the CSE password distribution server, sol. Once per hour (at the :05 minute mark), a cron job updates all the CSE Student Systems with your sol password. If you change your password on a system other than sol, it will be lost when sol overwrites it with your sol password on the next :05 minute mark.

CSE password change procedure:

  1. Login to sol:
    % ssh sol.cse.buffalo.edu
  2. Change your password:
    [sol] ~% passwd
    passwd: Changing password for cwmiller
    Enter existing login password: 
    New Password: 
    Re-enter new Password: 
    passwd: password successfully changed for cwmiller
    [sol] ~%
  3. Exit:
    [sol] ~% exit
    Connection to sol.cse.buffalo.edu closed.

Resetting your Password

If you forget your CSE password or the default password above will not work, we'll reset it for you. Visit someone on the CSE IT staff (Maria in Davis 352, Ken in Davis 353, Ed in Davis 354, or Chris in Davis 355) during business hours. Remember to bring your UB Card so we can verify your identity; we don't want to accidentally give a malicious impostor access to your account.

Account Deactivation

In general, when we deactivate accounts, we do not immediately remove them, unless we're contending with a disk space crisis. We typically leave accounts and their contents on disk for about a year.

CSE Majors

If you are a CSE major (a student who has been accepted into the CSE department), your account will remain active for at least one (1) year after you graduate. We support your account throughout your first year as an alumni so you will have a home page on which to post your resume. We will warn you by e-mail sent to your UBIT address that deactivation is imminent several weeks before actually deactivating your account. Our intent is to give you enough time to move your files to an alternate location.

CSE Non-Majors

If you are a CSE non-major (a student who is registered for one or more CSE courses but has not been accepted into the CSE department), your account will remain active for as long as you are registered in one or more CSE courses. It will be deactivated sometime during the first semester that you are not registered in a CSE course.


  1. Your UB Card ISO number is the 16-digit number underneath your picture, not the 8-digit person number in the lower left corner of the card.
  2. These instructions only apply to CSE Linux, Unix and FreeBSD accounts. For Windows account information please see:


  3. Email your CSE computer system account questions, comments, or problems to cse-consult@buffalo.edu.


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