CSE Google Calendar


CSE maintains departmental Google Calendars to publicize events, deadlines, holidays, career opportunities, and guest speakers. You may view CSE departmental events from within your own personal Google Calendar. If you're CSE faculty or staff, you may become authorized to manage departmental events within the departmental Google Calendar.

The CSE Google Calendar is located at:



CSE faculty, staff, and trusted peers may insert and update calendar items via this web form:


How To Add UB, CSE, and Holiday Google Calendars to your Personal Google Calendar

  1. Login to your personal Google account or create a new personal Google account.


  2. The general procedure to add a Google calendar is to go to the lower left corner of your Google calendar and click 'Other Calendars' -> 'Add'. Then add every calendar (below) that interests you:

    UB Calendars

    CSE Calendars

  3. Holiday Calendars

    • Christian Holidays. Add -> Browse Interesting Calendars -> Christian Holidays -> Subscribe -> Back to Calendar
    • Islamic Holidays. Add -> Browse Interesting Calendars -> Islamic Holidays -> Subscribe -> Back to Calendar
    • Jewish Holidays. Add -> Browse Interesting Calendars -> Jewish Holidays -> Subscribe -> Back to Calendar
    • US Holidays. Add -> Browse Interesting Calendars -> US Holidays -> Subscribe -> Back to Calendar

    Resource Calendars

How To Become Authorized to Manage CSE Calendar Items

  1. Email cse-consult@buffalo.edu. Ask to be authorized to schedule departmental resources.
  2. If you qualify (you need to be CSE faculty, staff, or graduate assistant), we'll authorize you to schedule departmental resources. We'll send you a confirmation via email.


  1. We tried to add the Student Academic Records and Financial Services (SARFS) calendar to our federated system of calendars to include drop/add dates and billing dates. But we were completely stonewalled by Cheryl Taplin and mostly Mark Greenfield.
  2. Future work: Find, transform (if necessary), add, and document federated calendars from these peers:
    • SEAS-wide events (Kyle Anderson)
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Math Department (John Ringland)


  1. http://www.google.com/calendar
  2. http://calendar.cse.buffalo.edu
  3. http://prv-web.eng.buffalo.edu/blogs/sarfsnews/category/calendars/
  4. http://www.sa.buffalo.edu/eventscalendar
  5. http://www.google.com/support/calendar/bin/topic.py?topic=15277