CSE Conference Rooms


CSE maintains conference facilities to host meetings, seminars, invited guests, and other events.

Location NSF Capacity Presentation
Davis 113A 739 36 LED Videoprojector
Davis 310 350 12 LED TV
Davis 338A 738 34 LED Videoprojector

Reservations for these rooms can be made by the Online Resource Scheduler system.

LED Videoprojector Usage (113A and 338A)

A Crestron unit wall mounted next to the podium provides input channel switching capabilities for the ceiling mounted projector. The touch screen Crestron has the following display channels available:

  • External Laptop - This input is located near the lectern in the front of the room. This is the HDMI input for external presenter laptops. This input is ideally used for when a presenter brings their own laptop and will be speaking at the front of the room. Note: Display settings on the laptop must be set for 'Duplicate these displays" not "Extend".
  • Floor Cable - This input is built into the floor box located in the center of the room. This is the HDMI input for external presenter laptops. This input is ideally used for a meeting setting.
  • Podium Computer - Choosing this HDMI input option will allow use of the podium computer in the front of the room.

Powering On and Off

There is a single button located on the touch screen Crestron wall control panel marked "Start Presentation". This will turn the projector on. When finished touch the "System Off" button. The LED projector is instant power on/off.


The projector has a 30 minute idle timer. If its internal timer determines the projector has been idle (no new video signal) for 30 minutes the projector will initiate its shut down sequence

The shut down cycle for the projector is instant.

Computer Usage

CSE provides a built-in podium computer for use in 113A and 338A. Please note that Davis 113a and 338a are exactly the same in terms of LED projector, podium computer and wall control panel and how all these components operate. However, Davis 338a is the ONLY one that has video conferencing capabilities (built in mics and camera on the back wall) when using the built-in podium computer with video conferencing software. All the appropriate video conferencing software is installed on the podium computer under the desktop folder: Video Conferencing.

In a Hybrid scenario, when you have teleconferencing and people physically in the room, it is ideal to login to the Davis 338a podium computer. The podium computer controls the cameras and sound if wanting to use Zoom in a Hybrid situation so the entire room and zoom call is able to interact with one another.
  1. Hit the 'Start Presentation' button on the wall touch screen control panel.
  2. Hit the 'Podium Computer' button the wall touch screen control panel.
  3. Login to the podium computer using your UBIT username and password (only CSE Faculty and Staff) or the CSE Visitor account.
  4. Hit the 'Camera' button on the wall touch screen control panel. This will access the camera controls and the different Preset Views of the camera (this will also turn on the cameras and let Zoom know once you login that it needs to use those cameras and sound). The different presets listed will show either the main front screen, will look at just the speaker at the podium or show only the side white board.
  5. Login to Zoom
**Steps 4 & 5 do not have to be in that exact order.**

Logging in

CSE CSE Faculty and Staff should be able to log into the podium computers with:

Username: ad\<UBITName>
Password: <Enter your UBITPassword>

Visitors and non-CSE users should be able to log into the podium computers with:

Username: itorg\cse1.visitor
Password: Please see a member of the IT staff or administrative staff for this password.

It is normal upon log in to see the screen flicker and re-synchronize their resolutions.

Both computers are set to clone their displays to the projector. Please do not alter or adjust these settings. The CSEIT staff have already determined the optimal display and resolution settings for the computer and projector equipment.

File access

CSE users who have roaming profiles should see that their profiles download to the computers. Please give this process some time if you have a lot of files on your desktop.

CSE users who do not have roaming profiles setup can access their "N:" drive and files saved on CSE timeshares by following the instructions at: https://wiki.cse.buffalo.edu/services/content/mapping-cse-disk-space.

Linux Access

Command line interface access can still be accessed through the use of PuTTY.


  1. Schedule CSE conference room events by booking them in the Online Resource Scheduler system.
  2. CSE faculty and staff may schedule single-instance events themselves.
  3. CSE faculty and staff should email cse-room@buffalo.edu to schedule recurrent events.


  1. CSE faculty and staff should email cse-room@buffalo.edu with any questions.