Crypto++ Library Admin


  1. Create a version-specific cryptopp installation and target directory, move the zipfile into it:
    % cd /util
    % sudo mkdir crypto++-5.6.1
    % cd crypto++-5.6.1
    % sudo mv /tmp/ .
  2. Unzip with -a:

    [lethe] cryptopp-5.6.1% sudo unzip -a

  3. cryptopp doesn't have a configure script, so manually edit the Makefile:

    [cwmiller@lethe cryptopp]$ vi GNUmakefile

    Change the PREFIX variable:

    # Default prefix for make install
    ifeq ($(PREFIX),)
    PREFIX = /util/crypto++-5.6.1

    You may need to comment out the line that installs *.so files, because none seem to get built, so they can't get statted (copied). You may want to try with and without this modification:

    #        $(CP) *.so $(PREFIX)/lib
  4. Make:
    % make
  5. Install:
    % sudo make install
  6. Make the new version the default crypto++:

    [lethe] /util% sudo ln -s crypto++-5.6.1/ crypto++

  7. Verify that cryptest.ext is symlinked from within /util/bin/:

    [lethe] bin% sudo ln -s /util/crypto++/bin/cryptest.exe cryptest.exe

  8. Remove the zipfile:
    [lethe] ~% sudo rm /util/crypto++-5.6.1/
  9. Test:
    ~% cd /util/crypto++
    crypto++% cryptest.exe v