Computer Engineering Hardware Lab


This space accommodates courses: CSE 241, 341, 380 (Kris), 452/552 (Shambhu), 490, and 646 (Murat). It occupies Rm # 202 in the P+W program (800 NSF). It replaces the Fronczak 206D,E,F,G suite instructional lab (total 1263 NSF).

CSE 646 is taught in the Fall and CSE 380 is taught in the Spring, so these hardware-dependent courses may coexist in this space.

Instructional undergraduate hardware lab. Meant as showplace for undergraduate program; when students and parents visit campus, they will be impressed by this space's modern technology and instructional apparatus. Will also help with ABET accreditation.

This space will be of Type IIID.


  1. Space must be large enough to accommodate one large class or several smaller classes simultaneously. (rsridhar)
  2. Demountable partition can separate large classroom into multiple smaller classrooms. (rsridhar). But Jim Blount recommends against it. Other institutions have this feature but do not use it. Very expensive. Wall cannot be fitted with power strips. Provides only visual partitioning, no audio or RF shielding.
  3. Showplace for undergrad students and their parents. (rsridhar)
  4. Possibly partner with Mike Buckley's research space. (rsridhar)
  5. Moveable equipment on carts, etc for quick transitions between courses. (rsridhar)
  6. Storage (alphonce)
    1. Short-term. Day-to-day storage of course-related hardware components.
    2. Long-term. Semester-to-semester storage of off-semester course's hardware components. Could be remote.
  7. 60" doors for loading equipment. (alphonce)
  8. Electrical and data from floor boxes? Or only from wall junctions? Tables in IIID butt up against a wall.
  9. Grading Area/Stations. Designate a small area set aside with a couple workstations that can be used for grading student projects. This area will be used by TAs and instructors when students demonstrate their projects.
  10. Storeroom. Designate a small secure area for storage of equipment. This will allow us to store equipment during off-semesters so that the lab can be used for multiple courses.

Desirable Attributes


  1. Kris Schindler (Coordinator)
  2. Mike Buckley
  3. Murat Demirbas
  4. Shambhu Upadhyaya


Preferred Plan

  1. IIID (rsridhar). Should be 1200 nsf. Demountable partition between 800 nsf (two worktables) and 400 nsf (one worktable).

Open Questions


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