Clang Admin

Installation Procedure

  1. You might need to put /usr/bin at the head of your PATH so you build this with lethe's system gcc rather than the newer /util/bin/gcc.
  2. Follow's Clang/LLVM installation procedure through step 5. Download and configure the source in /src/util/llvm.
  3. Compile fail! Hack the sanitizer platform limits file as described here.
  4. In step 6:
    1. Name the build directory llvm-build instead of build to keep it distinct from other codebases in /src/util.
    2. Our /util version of Python 3.0 didn't work, and lethe's system Python 2.4.x was below LLVM/Clang's minimum requirement of Python 2.5. Modify the configure line to be:
      % ../llvm/configure --prefix=/util/llvm --with-python=/util/python-2.7/bin/python --with-gcc-toolchain=/util/gcc
      % setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /util/gcc/lib64:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}
      % /util/bin/cmake /src/util/llvm/
      % sudo env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/util/gcc/lib64/:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} make install
  5. Proceed with defined instructions.