Cadence License Server


  1. The CSE CentOS license server is
  2. The Cadence license daemon runs on iris:5280.
  3. The Cadence license management software is the Cadence LCU software, installed via Cadence's InstallScape utility on iris.
  4. The startup file is:
    ... which is symlinked to:
    $ ls -al /etc/rc5.d/S99rc.lic 
    lrwxrwxrwx. 1 root root 16 Oct  1 16:36 /etc/rc5.d/S99rc.lic -> ../init.d/rc.lic
  5. We store the license files in a flexlm directory, even though we don't really have flexlm installed on iris. It seems to be a conventional, well-known place to store them, so I stuck with it:
  6. The logfile is:


  1. scp the new Cadence license file to its home on iris:
  2. Edit the new license file with our locale-specific information, which should be just these lines:
    SERVER 005056b823d9 5280
    DAEMON cdslmd /usr/local/cadence/LCU/tools.lnx86/bin/cdslmd
    DAEMON verplex /usr/local/cadence/LCU/tools.lnx86/bin/verplex
  3. Symlink the new license file to its well-known, standard name, license.dat:
    [iris] $ cd /usr/local/flexlm/licenses/
    [iris] $ sudo ln -s License_81626_005056b823d9_9_30_2020.txt license.dat
  4. Down the running license daemon that's serving licenses from the old file:
    [iris] $ sudo /usr/local/cadence/LCU/tools.lnx86/bin/lmdown -c
  5. Start the new process:
    [iris] $ sudo /etc/init.d/rc.lic
  6. Verify that the license server is up and running by tailing the logfile:
    [iris] tail -f /var/log/lmgrd.log
  7. Test that licenses are available from any remote server by which users run Cadence software:
    [beatles] ~% lmstat -a -c