BASIS Client Virtual Appliance


This page documents how to install the preconfigured BASIS virtual appliance. This preconfigured virtual appliance comes with the BASIS client software fully installed and configured.

All virtual machine settings and images are contained in a single file. The image is built upon a minimal 32-bit Windows 7 installation.


You need to have the Oracle VirualBox virtualization software installed. This can be downloaded from

Installation Procedure

  1. Download the BASIS Virtual Appliance. From CSE's secure BASIS download directory, download basis-virtual-appliance.ova. This file is 8.5 GB. Verify that you have enough space on your device to accommodate this file.
  2. Import the virtual appliance. Double-click basis-virtual-appliance.ova to launch the import process within VirtualBox. Click the "Import" button when prompted.
  3. Launch the virtual machine. Once the import process is complete, from within VirtualBox, start the virtual machine by double-clicking basis-va.