Adaptive/Realtime Hardware Lab


This space accommodates courses: CSE 453 (40 students seated per session) and CSE 321 (20 students seated per session). Its location in the P+W program is unknown. It replaces the Adaptive Systems Lab in Baldy 19 (1217 NSF). These two hardware courses may coexist in this space because CSE 453 convenes in the Spring and CSE 321 convenes in the Fall.

This space will be of Type ?.


  1. Tables to comfortably seat 40 students. (mikeb)
  2. 2 Work benches for hardware assembly. (mikeb)
  3. 110 VAC to tables and benches. (mikeb)
  4. Projector. (mikeb)
  5. In-room lockable cabinets for parts storage. (mikeb)

Desirable Attributes


  1. Mike Buckley (Coordinator)
  2. Bina Ramamurthy


Open Questions