Acl-storage Space Access and Usage


Acl-storage interfaces directly with the corraid storage arrary. It's sole job is to mount the drive space from the storage array and export this space to the other machines using NFS and Samba.

Using NFS

Nfs is currently only setup to be accessible from the internal subnet. If accessibility is needed from other locations please email cse-consult.

Using Samba

This machine is running as a stand alone samba server which shares out home directories and cadi-projects. Because of the joint nature in which these machines are administered it was decided to keep this a stand alone server rather than to join and subsequently have authentication managed through the UB Active Directory. Authentication is managed through the tdbsam backend which is a replacement to the older smbpasswd backend.

Setting Your Initial Password

Samba cannot interface with /etc/passwd entries so it has to maintain its own separate password database. Your samba password be default is "ChangeIt". Please change this right away by logging in to acl-storage and issuing smbpasswd.

Accessing Shares

You may access your samba shares from Windows by entering either \\acl-storage\YOUR-USERNAME or \\acl-storage\cadi-projects. You will then be prompted for your Samba username (which is the same as your ubit name) and samba password (which you had set from the step above).

Your username should be specified as acl-storage\ubuitname.

Accessible Locations

Samba is currently only setup to be accessible from research workstation and server subnet locations.