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iLearns Ideas

    iLearns Game Ideas:

1) Food Recognition Game
-have the child go "shopping" for certain foods, take tagged item, scan it, and put it in a shopping cart/bag
-put tags in food objects
-identify a banana: name = banana, type = fruit, color = yellow, shape etc.

2) Calendar Game
-have a mat similar to spelling carpet and have child identify dates
-identify: days of the week, months, seasons, holidays etc.

3) Clock Game

Dev - Installation Tutorial


In order to get your machine ready to develop and test
iLearns code, simply follow the installation instructions below.

if you have already connected to the repository and checked out the latest version of the
source code please skip to step number: 3 - this will show you how to connect to the repository then show you how to further set up the code without errors

***note - This tutorial is writen under the assumption that you have used eclipse IDE as part of CSE 115 or 116 at UB.


iLearns puck and data management

In theory, this (loosely) describes how data should flow across classes and objects in the iLearns PC software.

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